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Essential Day Spa
Chanced upon this site that sells a huge range of skincare products, including dermatologist brands. One of it is the popular PCA, sold only in clinics back in Singapore. I know my bestie is a big fan of this brand. Ever bought for her a bottle of rejuvenating serum for a whooping S$160 odd from a clinic. But i can get the same thing at Essential Day Spa for only CAD80, which is almost equivalent to about S$100 odd. Only thing is, delivery comes free only for orders above CAD200. I wrote to them for some queries and they were very responsive, so i decided to try it out. Made an order for my bestie and i got my items in perfect condition. And it’s very nice of them to have thrown in a few trail size samples too. The estimated delivery time for this site is about 30 days in my experience.

I was lucky to be able to bring home my purchases without having to send the items for any lab test. However, i had to pay a 5% tax as skincare falls under the taxable category i was told. Another friend of mine, recently bought some skincare from Hong Kong, and was told that the items need to be sent in for a lab test (even if it’s for personal use) plus she had to pay a 5% tax.

Parcel - Essential Day Spa


Items bought from Essential Day Spa

Items bought from Essential Day Spa

Free samples - Essential Day Spa

Free samples

Another site that i frequently shop on is Asos. It’s free delivery worldwide with no minimum orders required. Bought a few rounds and apparently clothing’s are not taxable 🙂  The estimated delivery time for this site is about 14 days in my experience.

Noticed there are more textile shops here in Brunei than fashion boutiques that i can buy from, thus resorting to online shopping. But they do have a wide collections of textiles here in Brunei. Apparently, Brunei had a reputation among Malaysians at least, that the shops here sell very good value for money textiles, silk in particular. So if you like designing your own clothes, this is the best place to do that with many experienced tailors to choose from. I’ve seen nice laces and fabrics here, so I’ll be trying it out very soon.

Amazon is another popular site people buy from here in Brunei due to its wide range of products. Bought some books and it doesn’t seem to fall under the taxable list. The estimated delivery time for this site is about 21 days to a month in my experience. But of course, for a big site like this, the shipping differs depending on the supplier of the item.


Collection Centre
Here’s the list of Brunei Post Offices. I often get a notification card from the post office to have my parcel collected from Jabatan Perkhidmatan Pos (Mail Procession Center). Not sure how they segregate the districts for parcel collection though.

Here’s the list of some dutiable goods and rate of customs import duty in Brunei.

View Jabatan Perkhidmatan Pos (Mail Procession Center) location on Google map.