Textile shops

Noticed most of the people here prefer tailoring their baju (shirt/clothes). I can see why, you can easily find a textile shop at almost every mall in Brunei. Kofom, Hokko, Nazmi, Firoz Jaya, YMRM, just to name a few. And here’s where you can to find the different outlets; Kiulap areas (Kofom, SH Himco, etc), Batu Satu area (Kofom, Hong, Nazmi, First Metro), Gadong Mall (Nazmi, Kofom), Bandar Yayasan (Nazmi, Hong), Bandar Proper (Nazmi etc), Serosop/Delima Satu (Nazmi, YMRM, Firoz Jaya and many more), Batu Bersurat (YMRM) and Sengkurong (Firoz Jaya).

Been to a few textile shops, and here’s what i like about them. As for Hokko – Lots of collections. Particularly love the quality and design of their lace collection. Like it soft and plain without any sparkling beads. But price wise for fabric might not as competitive as some. They carry lots of accessories as well. And they even have their own in-house tailoring service; a short dress cost about B$60-70 not inclusive of material. So it’s more like a one-stop service.

Kofom – Lots of nice chiffon on promotion. Bought 4.5m of printed chiffon for B$30 odd, comes with free polyester lining. Prices here seem slightly more on a competitive edge as compared to some. Tailored a dress with the chiffon bought and realised polyester is not a good choice for chiffon lining, a little too stiff and not stretchy enough. One may want to consider topping up for a softer lining if possible.

Nazmi – Branch in Serusop/Delima is a two-storey shop front with a wide variation of textile. Pre-matched materials for baju kurong cost only B$20-25 odd (2m top, 2m bottom). A good deal i should say. They carry a wide range of cotton, which is very reasonably priced too. Depending on who’s serving you on that day, some of the staffs here are really warm and makes you feel more welcoming to make a purchase.

YMRM – Was told to visit the branch at Kiulup as it’s bigger with more collections. But didn’t have the time, so went to the branch at Serusop instead, since they are all a stone’s throw away from each other. I went in having lace in mind for kebaya, but i didn’t find anything suitable. Probably because of the way the fabrics are displayed, laces are all stack up in a pile. Not easy to have a good look at the materials. Also, i find the french lace a little thin in material. Might need to drop by the kiulup branch for better varieties.

Firoz – The shop at Serusop is BIG. With a wide variety of chiffon, batik, silk, etc on the ground level. And lots of lace, cotton, etc on level 1. The display in the shop seems very well organised. It’s easy to spot what you’re looking for at a glance. I was attracted by the huge collection of lace here. The mannequins are very well-styled, displaying great designs from the different fabrics available. Found some really nice dual-side (different colour on each side of the fabric) chiffon here. Doesn’t come cheap, but will definitely be back for the dual-side chiffon if i can’t find it anywhere else and cheaper.

There are plenty of tailors around in Brunei. Am sure you will be able to find one that suits your style. But beware of the holiday season round the corner, better be quick on your orders at the tailors. Read more on tailors.