Pantai @ The Empire Hotel & Country Club

The newly renovated Pantai at The Empire Hotel was reopened for just over a month now. We called up a couple of times for the seafood buffet but it was fully booked. And we had to wait for the next soonest available slot which is two weeks away.

Pantai was set against the magnificent view of the South China Sea and the pool. The restaurant can accommodate up to 180 guests, and you can have the option to either sit indoor or outdoor by the pool. It’s known for its Asian seafood barbecue and grill. Serving from prime meat cuts to fresh seafood as well as an extensive salad and dessert bar. You get chefs at the buffet stations showcasing their culinary skills too.

Entrance to Pantai is a pleasant and welcoming experience. We were well-greeted with friendly staffs serving us with cold hand towel and a refreshing welcome drink.

Main entrance to Pantai Restaurant

Main entrance to Pantai Restaurant

Walkway to Pantai Restaurant

Walkway leading to Pantai Restaurant

Beautifully carved wooden door to Pantai Restaurant

Beautifully carved wooden door

Refreshing welcome drink

Refreshing welcome drink

The appetizers are all so delicately prepared. Makes you want to try them all.

Appetizer bar, Pantai Restaurant

Appetizer bar

Appetizer, Pantai Restaurant

Prawn salad appetizer

Appetizer, Pantai Restaurant

Another appetizer dish


Appetizer, Pantai Restaurant

More appetizer dishes

Fresh oysters, prawn, crab and mussels filled the seafood bar. But i was a little late to catch that on camera, they were all snatched out in minutes. But fear not, as the bar is constantly top-up with fresh supplies.

Crustacean on Ice (Fresh Crabs & mussels), Pantai Restaurant

Crustacean on Ice (Fresh Crabs & mussels)

Crustacean on Ice, Pantai Restaurant

Crustacean on Ice (Fresh oysters & prawns)

Impressive barbecue station with hotdogs and kebabs on rotating skewers over hot stones 🙂 Along with satay, grilled fish and tender prime beef served in thin slices.

Barbecue and grill station, Pantai Restaurant

Barbecue and grill station

Here are the two main ‘carbs’ stations. With chefs displaying their culinary skills for pineapple fried rice and prawn noodles.

Pineapple rice station, Pantai Restaurant

Pineapple fried rice station

Prawn noodles station, Pantai Restaurant

Prawn noodles station

This is by far my favourite station, desserts!! All the desserts are so beautifully prepared. I was eyeing on them even before i started the appetizers. How i wish they serve these for high tea too.

Dessert bar, Pantai Restaurant

Dessert bar

Desserts, Pantai Restaurant


Desserts, Pantai Restaurant

More desserts

Outdoor seats, Pantai Restaurant

Outdoor seats


Along with the opening of Pantai comes the birth of Zen Pavilion, a Japanese style teppanyaki restaurant. Zen Pavilion is right next to Pantai overlooking the pool, catering to a total of up to 22 diners, offering authentic dishes prepared right before the eyes of the customers. Will definitely try this soon.

Pantai is open for lunch from 1130am to 230pm and dinner from 630pm to 10pm. Buffet is from 630pm to 10pm, Fri to Sun. For booking, call 241 8888.


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