The Empire Hotel & Country Club

Empire Hotel was where i was when my family visited last weekend. To welcome them, I’ve decided to bring them for a night stay at The Empire Hotel for a 5-star luxury  experience.The deluxe room was very spacious and cozy. You can see from the photos that there are plenty of walking space even after the placement of the additional bed. The rooms on the east wing are on level 2 – 5. Level 5 are the suites. We got the room at level 2, which is perfect, as the view from the balcony on level 3-4 would be a block by the canopy of the trees outside.

We got the deluxe room as it’s the cheapest with free internet access. Room rate starts fr B$260. Managed to get a good deal with the help of a Bruneian friend. So friends out there, note that there are local and non-local rates. Do check with the counter or customer service when booking. Or you can check out the rates on their official site [].

The Empire Hotel Deluxe Room, 2nd floor seaview

Deluxe room at Empire Hotel, 2nd floor. Added an additional bed, all prepared when we arrive.

The bathroom of a Deluxe room, Empire Hotel.

The bathroom

The view from the balcony, 2nd floor, facing the sea.

The view from the balcony, 2nd floor, facing the sea.

Night view from the balcony

Night view from the balcony

Taken from ground floor leading to the pool and beach.

The grandeur of the main lobby leading to the pool and beach. I was sitting on a nice sofa at the rest area looking up at the high majestic ceiling, towering the ballrooms on 2nd level and the dining area on 3rd and 4th level.

Hot indoor pool - 32 degree celsius

Hot indoor pool at the country club. Said to be 32 degree Celsius. Warm and really comfortable. Very private too (2-3hrs there with only one other group with us for no more than 30 mins)

The Empire Hotel and Country Club was built to accommodate world leaders and dignitaries. There’s a total of 518 guest rooms, suites and private villas, which offers sea, lagoon, garden or golf views. The interior was made of spectacular marble and a gold lobby with 180 hectares of garden and a signature 18-hole floodlit golf course. You can also enjoy a movie or two at The Empire cinema, or enjoy an unforgettable massage at the spa, or if you feel like sweat it out, you can hit the gym, have a game of badminton, squash, tennis or bowling.

Breakfast is served daily at The Atrium Cafe, both international and local buffet spread. We had Chinese cuisine dinner at Li Gong Restaurant. You can choose from their à la carte menu or eat-all-you-can dinner menu @ around B$22++ per head. All bills are subject to a 10% service charge. Lunch at Bunk Bistro (Country Club) wasn’t bad at all too. Ambiance was good, overlooking the golf course. Choices of food is pretty limited though, but the quality of the food was satisfactory. Here’s what we had for lunch.

Fish & Chips - Bunker Bistro, The Empire

Fish & Chips – Bunker Bistro, The Empire

Thai Green Curry - Bunker Bistro, The Empire

Thai Green Curry – Bunker Bistro, The Empire
This is ultra spicy! Take it at your own risk ;p

Chicken Rice - Bunker Bistro, The Empire

Chicken Rice – Bunker Bistro, The Empire

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend stay and a superb experience at The Empire Hotel!