Massage at Palm Spa

Massage at Palm Spa

Massage! Something i can never say no to. Palm Spa is one place i frequent often. They are a part of the Palm Garden Hotel. However, they are open to both hotel guest and walk-in guest. Palm Spa is located on the ground floor, thus it has its own entrance to the Spa without having to enter the hotel.

The 3-star Palm Garden Hotel owned by the family of the famous Brunei-born actor Wu Chun. He recently acted in the Hong Kong movie, Saving General Yang as Yang Liulang (the sixth son). Wu was appointed as the chairman of the Palm Garden Hotel and its neighbouring multi-storey Fitness Zone Centre in Aug 2007. Facilities like swimming pool, Kathy Chai hair salon, gym and lounge are also available at the hotel.

That’s as much as i know about the hotel and Wu. Back to massage. If you like traditional Chinese massage, Palm Spa should the place you’re looking at. After being here for many months, i can’t seem to find another place offering traditional Chinese body massage. Most of the massage parlours here offer Swedish or Thai body massage techniques. Palm Spa used to have two outlets. One with mostly China nationals masseurs while the other with mostly Filipinos masseurs. The later was closed down recently, and the masseurs have since joined forces at Palm Spa.

Holding area/counter - Palm Spa

Holding area/counter

Entrance to Palm Spa

Entrance to Palm Spa

Massage bed for a twin room. - Palm Spa

Massage bed for a twin room. They have single bedder.

Massage chair for foot reflexology. - Palm Spa

Massage chair for foot reflexology.

These are the services available at Palm Spa – Body massage, Body scrub & bath, Head neck & shoulder massage, Ear cleaning, Foot reflexology, Foot spa, Jacuzzi steam and bath and Sauna & bath. I’ll normally go for the foot reflexology, as it comes with herbal foot bath as well as back massage.

Massage here in Brunei is generally affordable. Here are their charges;

Body massage
1 hr – $30
2 hrs – $55
3 hrs – 80
4 hrs – 105

(Add another $15 for an additional half an hour. Applies for massage >1hr)

Foot reflexology
1 hr – $23
2 hrs – $43
3 hrs – 63
4 hrs – 86

(Add another $10 for an additional half an hour. Applies for massage >1hr)

Here are the contact details of Palm Spa.

Palm Spa @ Palm Garden Hotel
Simpang 88, Kiulup, BSB 1518
Tel: 223 2211