All eyes on an amazingly beautiful mantis shrimp @ Barat Banks

Yesterday marked my 3rd day-dive here in Brunei. It was quite an experience for me, cause i was too busy looking at an amazing mantis shrimp, i lost my group! Look at this cute little rascal below, am sure you will know what i mean…

Towards the end of my dive at Barat Banks, i spotted a mantis shrimp just right next to me, standing high and staring at me with its marble-like popping eyes. So i took the chance to take a few snap shots before it scurried away in a flash to look for cover at about 1 metre away. I followed it, and managed to catch a glimpse of it in it’s hideout. A lovely sight. First time seeing one standing high and out in the open with no cover. It’s usually spotted either under some rocks or scurrying off (back facing up) to find a hiding ground.

Mantis Shrimp - Barat Banks, Brunei

Mantis Shrimp – Barat Banks, Brunei

Here's it's cover. About 1 metre away from where i spotted it.

Here’s it’s cover. About 1 metre away from where i spotted it.

Glad the site wasn’t a challenging one. Reef was shallow at about 10-12 metres. Water was calm. But the visibility was bad, ranging from 3 to 5 metres, thus losing the group. Managed to do a search for awhile but failed, and went ahead to ascend. Glad to see them and the boat at about 100 metres away when i reached the surface. Great dive!!!