Getting online with Mobile Wifi

This is one good investment. With the Huawei Mobile Wifi E586, you can get online anywhere in the world as long as you have a (pre/post-paid) data sim-card of that country and in an area with reception. Getting online is a breeze. This gadget cost less than B$200. 2/3 of the size of an iPhone, works as a router allowing up to 4 devices to tap on it at any one time. Wifi on my laptop when i’m home, my mobile when i’m out and allowing me to be wired when i travel. The amount of data download is also indicated on the little screen on the front of the device, which makes it easy to track your usage without having to log into the admin, and this is especially useful if you’re on a prepaid SIM card (you will know when it’s time to top it up). A fully charged battery can last 6-8 hours normally, sometimes longer if it’s used only for whatsapp and push mails. You can always carry a spare battery with you if travelling as it’s really light. Check out the newer models in the market today if you’re thinking of getting one. Sold in most phone-gadget shops at all major shopping malls in Brunei.

Huawei mobile wifi

Huawei Mobile Wifi