Lotus Root Soup

Had lotus root soup for my reunion dinner. It’s one of the many popular Chinese soup often cooked by moms, or ordered when dining out. There are many ways to cook lotus root, i personally prefer it to be in my soup instead of having it as a standalone dish. Love it when the sweet aroma of the soup fill the air, but yet so delicate on the taste. And it comes with high nutritional value as well.

Lotus Root Soup

Lotus Root Soup – with corn, carrot, whole garlic, red dates, peanuts, Chinese wolfberry fruit (gou qi zi) 枸杞子, lean pork and of course lotus root.

I like my soup to be very rich in flavor (that’s how my mom cooked it), thus the pot is often 3/4 filled with ingredients… you can always top-up the water when the level runs low after prolong boiling.

All the ingredients are easily available at Hua Ho Departmental Store and most of the supermarkets in Brunei.

400 grams pork-ribs/lean pork
2x arm-length lotus root
2x whole garlic
8x red dates
3x Carrot (optional)
2x Corn (optional)
1x tablespoon Chinese wolfberry fruit (gou qi zi) 枸杞子 (optional)
2x tablespoon peanuts (optional)


1. Remove the fat from the pork ribs. Rinse and set aside.

2. Peel and cut lotus roots into thin chunks.

3. Husk the sweet corn and cut into half or quarters.

4. Peel and cut carrots into chunks.


1. Boil the peanuts separately for about 10 mins before adding it in to the main pot. This is to remove the bitterness from the peanuts, and also helps soften it.

2. Fill and boil at least half a pot of water (at your own discretion depending on how much ingredients you have and the size of your pot). Add in the peanuts, lotus roots, garlic, carrots and corns. Sprinkle a pinch of salt. Boil for another 20 mins.

3. Reduce heat. Simmer over medium or low heat for 60 minutes.

4. Once the peanuts and lotus roots are soft, add in Chinese wolfberry fruit (gou qi zi) 枸杞子 and pork. Boil for another 20 mins.

5. Reduce heat. Simmer over medium or low heat for 60 minutes.

6. Ready to be served.

With that amount of ingredients thrown in, we often top it up with water and cook it over again the next day, and it still taste as good as always. To do that, you’ll have to make sure that you boil the soup again before leaving it overnight.