DST Broadband Services

Am not sure if i’m the only one experiencing this, but i can’t quite comprehend how DST’s Data plans work. I’ve gotten a data plan from them months back. Initially planning to take up Postpaid Go! Unlimited @ $78 monthly (which includes unlimited data access download), but they have stopped offering this plan. So i settled for Postpaid Go! Basic @ $38 monthly (which includes 2GB – any additional data access will be charge at $0.20/mb. Bill capped at $88. Service cutoff once you hit $400 of data download).

Was down at one of the branch to make payment, and guess what? They have just conveniently changed the plan on 1 Feb 2013!!! Would really appreciate if they could notify their customers beforehand

The Postpaid Go! Basic is now changed to $28 monthly (no change to the 2GB, however any additional data access will be now be charge at $0.10/mb instead of $0.20/mb. Bill capped of $88 has been lifted. Service cutoff once you hit $400 of data download remains unchanged). This sounds like a better plan for consumers isn’t it? But if we are going to be charged based on per MB download, wouldn’t Prepaid Go! Broadband sounds more logical, as it charges $0.05/mb with no monthly fee.

If they work out a comparison chart, i don’t think anyone would consider taking up the Postpaid Go! Basic plan. As it just doesn’t make any sense to the consumers. Shouldn’t any company who’s in the right frame of mind offer better perks to subscribers to retain them??

Below are the details of their post/pre-paid plans:

Postpaid Go! Basic (Post Feb 2013)
$100 deposit
$25 GSM License Fee (annually)
$28 subscription fee (monthly)
2GB Free
$0.10/mb thereafter

Prepaid Go! Broadband
$30 deposit (preloaded with $10 Data access and a one time Annual License Fee of $20.)

————————-  Updated ———————————–

My bill had hit B$$400 mark in just about 2 weeks since the beginning of Feb. And my SIM card was deactivated. This was how i got to know that the plan i signed up for has been changed without me knowing. This could definitely be avoided should the customers be notified about the change of service details way beforehand. I’ve finally gotten my bills from mid Feb to mid Apr, and it cost me a good B$900 odd in just 2 months! Plenty of room for improvements on their service standards.

To end on a good note, DST has came up with a couple of changes including a new Broadband plan starting April 2013. Finally something more decent ever since they stopped offering the Go! Broadband unlimited. Check out the new DST changes!


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