Horseback riding

Just about few years ago, group buying has became a craze. Many group buying sites have sprung up since then, offering deals from different merchants, may it be beauty, getaways, products and etc. Such sites are usually country specific to cater to the local market targeting on members and merchants of the same country/state.

However it seems like such business model are losing it’s appeal gradually, only the bigger players are now growing or rather surviving. Groupon is one major player in Singapore. And has been popular every since group buying has been introduced. I sometimes visit or some other Singapore group buying sites for a variation of deals. But here in Brunei, it’s seems as though there is only one of such, which is SocialDeal. SocialDeal usually comes up with a new deal weekly. And has 2-3 deals running at any one time. Just recently, i’ve bought a very interesting deal from them.

It’s was a half hour horseback ride at BEQ Equestrian Centre. There was a group of children aged 4-5 years old in front of us. So we seconded the ride after them. It was quite an experience being on the horse that is twice my height. I was expecting some tips, one or two simple riding skills from the instructor, instead, the instructor walked us round the premises for 30 mins (us seated on the horseback of course) 😀 Wished i could show you the ultra disappointment printed on my husband’s face after realising that we get no different ride from the children before us.

Am glad we went for it though, seeing and being with the horses made my day. And it has added another new interest to my list. I might take up a proper horse-riding course and share more about the experiences and tips. But till then, here are some information on the schools and courses which you might find useful.

Panorama view of BEQ, Brunei

Panorama view of BEQ, Brunei

Block E, Royal Stables Jerudong Park BG 3122,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel # 673 – 2611898
Fax # 673 – 2611788
HP # 673 – 7126629

BEQ horseback riding rates: [45 mins per lesson]
4x lessons – B$100 (members) / B$160 (non-members)
Membership – B$500 per year / B$200 per year for students

Royal Brunei Polo and Riding Club

Royal Brunei Polo and Riding Club

Royal Brunei Polo & Riding Club
Jerudong BG3122
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel # 673 – 2610524
Fax # 673 – 2610524
HP # 673 – 2611172
Facebook: Royal-Brunei-Polo-and-Riding-Club

RBPRC horseback riding rates: [1 hr per lesson]
8x lessons – B$240

Coach at RBPRC is from Singapore.

The lady at RBPRC told me that horseback riding is also available at Pantai Cafe @ only B$5 per ride. I do not have the address of Pantai Cafe, apparently it’s by the beach, at the deep end of Jerudong Polo Club. Ride is on every Sunday only, from 3 – 6 pm. Duration should be should be about 15/30 mins if i didn’t remember wrongly.
Note that this doesn’t include any riding tips or lessons. Purely a walk on the horseback by the beach 🙂