Yoga @ Jag Therapy Centre

When it comes to holistic healing and yoga, many would have heard of Jag Therapy Centre. They have relocated to Simpang 701-39, Jalan Muara, about a year ago. K. R. I. Jagadish was the founder of the centre, and the centre was setup since 1978 when he and his family moved to Brunei.  It’s an all rounded centre, which provides therapies such as acupressure aromatherapy, herb-logy,  nutrition, shiatsu and yoga. Arjun is the son-in-law of the founder, now managing the centre as well as teaching yoga. He’s a very patient man, and very knowledgeable when it comes to alternative herbal medicine. I’ve picked up some great alternative herbal tips from him 🙂 Every now and then, he will start a class on natural cleansing practice, am still waiting for further notice on when’s the date for the next class.

The centre is located some 100 metres into the Simpang, nice serene environment, away from the hustle bustle of the main road. I could see birds outside the windows chirping away sometimes during my class. The classroom is not air-conditioned and the windows are kept opened, ideal for yoga. But when the weather is hot, the class can turned in to a hot yoga class…

Classroom where the yoga classes are held., Jag Therapy Centre

Classroom where the yoga classes are held.

Yoga courses is set at 3 times a week, for 8 weeks at only B$250.

First class is normally quite easy on us, running us through the general pointers, dos and don’ts and the benefits of yoga before starting the class.

Some examples of general pointers as advised by JAG includes;
No eating or drinking 2 hours before a routine. Do not shower 2 hours after the routine. Do not perform asanas in an air-conditioned room or under a fan.

3 key benefits to practicing yoga.
1 – Biochemical benefits
Example: Known to help decreases the level of glucose, sodium, LDL and VLDL in the body. Help increases HDL (good cholesterol).

2 – Physiological benefits
Example: Known to help decreases pulse rate and blood pressure. Helps promote better sleep.

3 – Psychological benefits
Example: Known to help improve memory, concentration spans and promotes better well-being.

There are different level of courses conducted, basic, intermediate, advance and more. Usually 3 routines will be introduced during each course. Each routine consists of 15-20 different poses. For beginners, not to worry, as you will have 8 weeks to pick up the different poses and routine. Great thing about yoga is, you can and should always do it at your own comfortable pace. Never to over-stretched. And the rule #no pain no gain, doesn’t apply for yoga. Isn’t that wonderful?!

Mats are provided. However, you might want to bring along a towel. I normally use the towel as a back support and of course to dry myself after the class.

Here’s the contact details and opening hours to Jag Therapy Brunei Darussalam.

Jag Therapy Brunei Darussalam
No.6, ‘Padma Nilaya’, Simpang 701-39
Kg Salambigar
Jalan Muara BC1515
Negara Brunei Darussalam.

Tel/Fax: +673 2343128

Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday: 8.00am – 11.30am, 4.00pm-6.30pm

If you’re taking a public transport, Bus No. 38 will bring you along Jalan Muara, stop near the Shell petrol station before Simpang 701.