Where to wash your car in Brunei


Car wash services seem to be a popular business here in Brunei. Just drive along and you will see at least one car wash shop along every main road in every estate. There are at least 3-4 shops in Gadong, located somewhat opposite Centrepoint Hotel. Friend once brought me to a back alley setup, a shop i wouldn’t patronise if it’s not for my friend. But turned out, they did an amazing job. You can see from the picture below, they even powerjet the portion that is usually missed out when the doors are closed, without wetting the inside of the car. But sadly, setup was no longer there when i last returned.

Mid-shift Car Wash, Back Alley in Gadong

Picture of the back alley car wash shop at Gadong

Car wash here usually includes washing and drying of the exterior of the car, vacuuming and cleaning of the interior and tyre shine. They normally charge B$6 for sedan and B$8 for MPV/SUV.

There are a couple more of car wash shops along the same Simpang. Check out the location map below.

Car Wash in Gadong

Location of the car wash shops in Gadong. Map taken from Brunei Tourism Handbook.


[Jalan Muara (Simpang 655)]

There’s another shop that i frequent. It’s along Jalan Muara (Simpang 655), which makes it very easy to spot. Place is clean, and area is big enough to hold at least 6 cars at one go. Although the washing area can only take up to 3 cars at any one time. Here, they charge only B$6 even for MPV/SUV. That’s one good reason why i like it here a little more 😀

A far view across the road.

A far view from across the road. The washing area is under the white shelter, you may go for a drink at the extreme left corner coffee shop while waiting for your car to be washed.

Shelter that can hold up to 3 cars

Washing shelter that can hold up to 3 cars

Google map showing location of the Snow Wash place along Jalan Muara

Google map showing location of the Car Wash place along Jalan Muara

[Serusop/Delima district]
Found another new addition of snow wash at Serusop/Delima district. This snow wash is located at one of the back alley. Per wash cost B$7, includes snow washing, vacuuming of the interior and brushing/dusting of car floor mats. See Snow Wash (Serusop) location on Google map.