B-Mobile Zoom! Broadband

B-Mobile is one of the main Telco service provider in Brunei, the other is of course DST. Just recently I’ve switched from DST to B-Mobile for their broadband services. Only because DST has stopped their unlimited plan, which makes it very costly to surf using their package now. B-Mobile offers unlimited prepaid broadband services, which is exactly what i need. No monthly commitment, no need for a local identity card for registration. It’s the perfect plug and play solution as of today.

B-Mobile offers both post-paid and pre-paid packages for their broadband services, Zoom! Broadband and Yes! Zoom broadband respectively.

Prepaid Yes! Zoom Broadband is available in two options. And the top-up cards are available in B$4 (1 day of unlimited data usage), B$8 (3 day of unlimited data usage), B$20 (9 day of unlimited data usage) and B$35 (18 day of unlimited data usage) denomination.
Not all the shops out there (except Bmobile outlets) carries B$35 top-up cards, you can try WYWY, they have many outlets spread across different districts here in Brunei.

Option one, get started with B$30, free B$4 data credit. With this option, you will need a modem of your own. You can buy a modem from any of the handphone gadget/electronic shops located at shopping malls. I’m currently using a Huawei modem which i brought along when moving here.

B-Mobile Yes! Zoom Broadband Option 1

B-Mobile Yes! Zoom Broadband Option 1

Option two, get started with B$99, free pocket modem and B$4 data credit. You might want to check out the modem specs with the staff over the counter. As the specs of the modem may affect the data download speed.

B-Mobile Yes! Zoom Broadband Option 2

B-Mobile Yes! Zoom Broadband Option 2 – comes with a mobile modem

Since i already have a modem, i went for option one. It comes with a starter kit, with all the information you need in a handy brochure – Step-by-step guide on how to get started, activation of SIM card, how to top-up your credits and etc. If you are opting for option one, there’s one key thing you might find useful; the data SIM card will have to be first inserted into a phone for activation as well as each time you need to do a credit top-up. Therefore, you need to note the size of the SIM card for both your phone as well as your modem. If it’s the same, not an issue then. But if it’s different like mine – I’m on an iPhone 4S, so i’ll need it to be in micro SIM for activation and credits top-up. And then, in mini SIM for my modem. In order for the switch, i’ll need a SIM adapter (which you can easily purchase from any of the handphone gadget/electronic shops located at shopping malls, i got mine from Times Square at B$10).

SIM Card Adapter

SIM Card Adapter

All this may sound a little complicated or too much a hassle to start off with, but before you give up trying, here’s a piece of good news. If you’re looking at using the prepaid service for a longer period of time, you can purchase multiple top-up card (check the expiry though), and activate them all at one go. The credits (number of unlimited usage days) will be compiled. This way, you do not have to go through the changing of the SIM card routine that often. I personally bought and activated 2x B$35 top-up card, worth 36 days of unlimited data usage. So i’ll only need to repeat the changing of SIM card routine once every 36 days, that’s only about once a month or around 10 times a year.

B-Mobile Yes! Zoom Broadband Starter Kit

B-Mobile Yes! Zoom Broadband Starter Kit


A quick activation guide:

For first time user, insert your SIM card to your phone and activate it by dialling 179.

– By USSD, dial 8178#
– By SMS, type in the 12-digit-pin printed on the top-up card and SMS to 178 (My chosen method)
– For Andriod Users: Dial *178*12-digit-pin #

Address to the B-Mobile care centres:

The Mall Care Centre
Unit 2.14, 2nd Floor ,
The Mall, Abdul Razak Holdings
Gadong BE3519
7 days a week: 10.00am – 9.30pm
Fridays: Closed from 12pm-2pm
Tel: +673 2453454/467
Fax: +673 2453365

Times Square
F22, Spg 13-29,
Jalan Berakas, Kg Jaya Setia,
Mukim Berakas ‘A’,
Bandar Seri Begawan BS2713
7 days a week: 10:00am – 9:30pm
Fridays: Closed from 12pm-2pm
Tel: +673 2342992

Other B-Mobile care centres includes HQ Care Centre, Kuala Belait Care Centre, Tutong Care Centre and Temburong Care Centre.

See Bmobile speedtest.