Waroeng Penyet

Just last week, when i was running some errands at Times Square, i recalled reading about the newly opened Waroeng Penyet restaurant. So i decided to give it a try. Saw a poster of it near the lift, saying it’s at 1st floor but with no unit number stated. I took the lift up, walked one entire round and still see no Waroeng Penyet. So for those of you who have yet visited the restaurant, do note that the main entrance to the restaurant is actually facing ‘outside’ of the building, right beside the escalator to Times Cineplex. It’s also accessible from the inside, however, it can be easily missed, as it’s on extreme right corner of where SuperSave is.

It was full house when i finally found it. Had to wait for a good 10 mins before they managed to find a table for me. Staffs looked all happy and pro-active. Place was bright and nicely furnished, you get the natural light shining in from outside through the ceiling high glass window panels, and the beautiful hanging lights gave a nice warm ambiance to the place.

Waroeng Penyet offers a good variety of authentic Indonesian cuisine. You can choose from chicken, squid, fish, beef or veg… Fried, stir-fried, grilled or soup 🙂 Serving was fast. Wasn’t feeling too well that day, thus, ended up ordering grilled fish instead of their signature fried Ayam Penyet (Flattened chicken). As the name of the place and dish suggest, the fried chicken thigh is basically flattened after deep-frying and topped with bits of crunchy batter. And served in a wooden round bowl along with fried tempe, tofu, cabbage and not forgetting the sambal chilli. Waroeng Penyet offers two levels of spiciness for the sambal, mild and spicy. You can choose the level in which you prefer. I’m not a dare-devil for chilli, so i asked for mild. Turned out, it was almost non-spicy for me. i’ll suggest the chilli-lovers to go for spicy instead.

The food is reasonably priced, dishes cost between B$4.90 to 7.90. Overall it’s a good place for a quick meal! 🙂


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