Few good stalls (Menglait,Gadong)

Eden Restaurant

Eden is a simple air-conditioned Chinese restaurant serving non-halal food. It’s famous for it’s all-time favourite Kolomee.  The kolomee is usually served with roasted pork and minced meat. However, i like their noodles plain with extra fried garlic & onion toppings for extra fragrant. I will normally spice up my meal with other side orders available. Dark soy pork and soy boiled eggs are some of my favorite side dishes.

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All time favourite - Dry Kolo Mee with Chilli

All-time favourite – Dry Kolomee with chilli


Chin Nam Hong

Ching Nam Hong Restaurant is a no frill neighbourhood style coffeeshop with a good variety on their menu. A must-try will be their famous Chicken Wine Mee Sua (鸡酒面线). Home-made Curry and Char Siew Puffs are good too. I particularly like home-made dishes, so i ordered Fresh Handmade Fishball Noodles and i love it. The fishballs are alright, but i like it that they added tomatoes to the soup, making it really appetizing. Read more on Ching Nam Hong Restaurant.

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Chicken Wine Mee Sua - Ching Nam Hong Restaurant

Chicken Wine Mee Sua


Yit Sum Restaurant

Here’s another old-time Chinese restaurant. Famous for it’s Yong Tau Fu and Bah Kut Teh. They are only open from 8 AM – 2 PM and 6 – 11 PM daily. I would think they are closed from 12-2 PM on Fridays too. Closed on Fridays. The Bah Kut Teh is worth trying for sure. For those who doesn’t fancy pork intestines like me, you might want to consider adding liver to your pork ribs Bah Kut Teh here for a tastier more-textured soup 🙂

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Kuey Teow noodle soup - Yit Sum Restaurant

Kuey Teow noodle soup


Chop Jing Chew

Chop Jing Chew is a halal Chinese Restaurant and has been around since 1946. The 3rd generation is now helping out at the restaurant, how nice right… A must-try here would be their toasted bread. Hot from the oven, freshly baked every morning. They actually have a bakery in the restaurant that took up a unit’s space. They have about five different toast to choose from – 2 types red bean paste, peanut, butter, kaya & coconut floss.

Another one of their signature dish would be the rice noodles with their special mixture of soy sauce. It can be served plain or topped with deep-fried fish.

You can find other local dishes like mee-goreng, laksa, Hong Kong style mee, nasi-goreng and more on their menu too.

Opening Hours:
5.30 AM – 7 PM (Mon-Sat), 5.30 AM – 12 noon (Sun)
Hot Buns out at: Breakfast 7 – 9 AM / Afternoon tea 1.30 – 4.15 PM

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Toast Bread - Chop Jing Chew

Kaya & Butter Toast Bread