Swimming at Jerudong Polo Club – Chillout at Pantai Kafe

The semi-sheltered swimming pool at Jerudong Polo Club, also known as Jerudong Park Country Club, is one popular place to be for many over the weekends and especially during the school holidays. For just B$3, you can enjoy the pool from 8 AM – 10 PM. Opens daily. They clean the pool every morning at 8 AM. Usually takes no more than half an hour to complete. However, if you’re looking at going for a morning swim on Mondays, you might want to be there a little later, as they normally run a throughout clean every Monday morning.  If you want to do some serious swimming, i’ll suggest you avoid late afternoon, weekends, PH or school holidays. Those are the ‘hot’ timings for families and kids.

Semi-sheltered swimming Pool, Jerudong Polo Club

Semi-sheltered swimming Pool, Jerudong Polo Club

The pool is beautifully designed with a glass porch area, perfect in providing some shade on a hot day without blocking off total sunlight. The swirl in the photo is the wading pool for babies and young kids. The area beyond the floating barrier is around 1.2/1.3 m running round the circumference of the pool, with a gradual drop to 1.6/1.7 m in the middle of the pool right in front of the swim up bar. The swim up bar serves both western and local cuisine and some snacks and drinks.

The restroom comes with two hot showers and two toilets. You will have to bring along your own shampoo, shower gel and towel as it’s not provided. I do see some lockers in the restroom, but you might need to ask for the key for the locker from the staff.

Other activities like bowling, squash, snooker and gym are also available at Jerudong Polo Club. You can take a bowl at the four-lane bowling alley at B$5 per game, plus a dollar for rental of a pair of shoes. And for just B$6 an hour, you can have the whole classic looking snooker room with a well-maintained snooker table to yourself.

My favorite part of the day after a refreshing swim is to take a short walk down to the beach and have a coffee or grab some food at the Pantai Kafe. They have a menu that offers a wide variety of food. Many raves about their Tarindak beef burger, but i personally prefer the fish and chips. For just B$5.50, you get to enjoy a complete meal with a drink. The lovely sea view is another great plus point. If you’re there between 4-6 PM, you might get to see horses taking a stroll along the beach.

Horseback riding is available at the beach every Sunday from 3 – 6 pm at B$5 per ride (Duration: 15 mins). But do apply some insect repellent before any activities at the beach; I got bitten by sand flies a couple of times there.

Call Jerudong Polo Club at (673) 261 2500 for more information.
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