Interesting finds / Great buys

Prawn Keropok

A lady by the name of Wendy, staying along Jalan Subok is popular for her keropok. Her place is located at No. 6, Simpang 403, Jalan Subok. In the process of preparing the keropok, they will have to dry the keropok in the hot sun. Thus, if it’s a rainy day/season, there might not be any keropok¬†available¬†for sale. So it’s advisable to always call and make order before heading down. You can call Wendy at +673 2260615. If she’s not in, her mom will help to take the orders. But do note that her mom only speaks mandarin ūüôā
There are two options available:
Prawn keropok special (with garlic) РB$12.50 per 500gm pack
Prawn keropok special mini (with garlic + the size of the keropok is smaller, more work is needed in the preparation thus cost a little more) РB$14.50 per 500gm pack
They¬†used¬†to have the ‘Original’ flavor (without garlic),¬†but stopped selling it now.

See Keropok location on Google map.


FGO Forever Green Organic Enterprise

This is another great find. They sell only green and organic products. Recently bought their 100% pure organic black sesame powder for mom. Black sesame is said to be rich in calcium and iron, and it enhances kidney functions and darkens hair. Got a bottle of raw and unfiltered honey with oligo for myself. Oligosaccharide helps improve the health of our digestive system. Helps to produce friendly bacteria that aids digestion and absorption of nutrients in the stomach and colon. Honey helps increases body immunity as well. The owner is friendly and really knowledgeable about her products.

See FGO Forever Green Organic Enterprise location on Google map.


Guan Hock Lee

Guan Hock Lee has been around in Brunei since 1973. They are a one-stop shop for products like fine food, dairy, beverage, frozen seafood, monin syrups, cheese, snacks, Japanese food, seasoning and etc. Their products are imported mainly from Australia, Italy, France, US, UK, Singapore & Thailand. So you might be able to find some stuffs that you need here that you can’t find anywhere else in Brunei. I’ve recently bought some dry herbs from them too. Said to be good for cough. I know of some friends who patronise them regularly for Japanese ingredients for soup and sushi.
They are located at Batu Bersurat, opens daily from 9 AM – 630 PM. Closed from 12 – 2 PM every Friday.
Contact: 2392-614, 2394-622 / 2454-607

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Shieldtox Naturgard

Shieldtox Naturgard, an automatic insect control system. Heard about this from a friend, who witnessed a big dead spider and some insects right in front of her Shieldtox system after she had it running for a couple of days. I went searching for it after hearing that, but couldn’t find it in many stores here. Finally, i saw it on the shelves at Jaya Hypermart Conterpoint. If i’m not wrong Mortein has a similar product, but i only see Shieldtox here at Jaya Supermart. I bought it at B$10.40. Per spray bottle can last up to 4 weeks. This system releases small bursts every 15 mins for continues protection, but it disperses no more than a single 3 second fine mist spray over 24 hours. It’s recommended to be place 2m high from the floor facing an open area. Avoid immediate food¬†preparation¬†and children activity areas. I had mine placed in the toilet.

See Jaya Hypermart Centerpoint location on Google map.

To add on, i’ve recently seen¬†Shieldtox Naturgard on the shelves of Manggis Hua Ho too. However, the dispenser is out-of-stock. Only the refills are seen on the shelves. And the price is slightly cheaper at Hua Ho. The dispenser is selling at B$9.90 instead if B10.40 at Jaya at the point of sale. Refill is selling at B$8.10 at Hua Ho and B$8.30 at Jaya.