Temburong, Brunei

Was in Temburong (Bangar) over the weekend. If you’re a nature-loving person, a treehugger, it’s a place you must visit when you’re in Brunei. It’s about 45 mins boat ride (speed boat/water taxi) away from Bandar.¬†Highlighted¬†in red below shows the waterway to Temburong. Am not sure if i got it right a 100%, but it shouldn’t be too far off.

Waterway to Temburong

There are a couple of pickup points/jetty. But i only go to the jetty at Subok (Bandar). If you plan to drive to the jetty, there are 2 carparks right opposite the jetty where you can park. Per entry is BND2-3, depending on the timing you arrive. You will have the pay the balance on your way out, amount will depend on the duration parked.

A one-way ticket in to Temburong will cost BND6 per person. There are 2 counters where you can buy the tickets from at the jetty. Both counters offer rides into Temburong, only difference… is the size of the boat. The counter on the extreme left (with a crowd), uses slightly bigger boats than the one on the right. On the extreme right, with counter with the uLu uLu signboard is closed for good. You will have to visit their website for more details.

Subok Jetty

Subok Jetty

Water taxi

Water taxi – Left is the slightly bigger boat from the counter on the left. Right is the one slightly smaller from the right counter. But they are both as good!

If you’re keen, you may also join the tour with the few resorts operating in Ulu Temburong National Park. Activities such as Canopy walk, night jungle walk, waterfall trekking, kayaking, swimming and etc. are included, depending on the number of days you spent.

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