Speed of the internet

I’ve recently done a speed test via speedtest.net mobile app on my iphone. And this is the results from the tests, considering both the modem and the phone is placed at the same location during both the tests.

Speed test on DST Postpaid Go! Basic

Plan: DST Postpaid Go! Basic
Time: 26 Apr’13, 2.11 PM
Muara district

Speed test on Bmobile Prepaid Yes! Zoom Broadband

Plan: Bmobile Prepaid Yes! Zoom Broadband
Time: 26 Apr’13, 2.14 PM
Muara district

Note that this might not be the true speed of the internet. As i’m on a wireless network. Wireless is a combination of the wireless card (in the computer), HSDPA of your phone and the wireless router. All 3 will affect how fast your internet speed becomes.

Best way to check your true speed is to plug your computer directly to your modem via Ethernet cable. However, if you’re on cable modem, your speed will suffer if there are other people in your neighborhood on the cable line. Meaning the more people on the internet, the slower your speed may be.

So the speed you’re seeing here, is the speed from which my wireless modem is connected to my iphone. Data transfer rate may differ from time-to-time and venue-to-venue.

By the way, here is an update on the upcoming plan for the high-speed internet services in Brunei.

TELBRU announced in early Feb 2013 that they had started the new high-speed broadband service, marking a new milestone for telco’s FTTH (Fibre-to-the-Home) project, offering speeds up to 30Mbps, covering Madang, Gadong and Bandar Seri Begawan districts. To celebrate the FTTH milestone, TelBru officially launched its high-speed broadband service at Times Square (first commercial area in Brunei to be connected with TelBru’s new service), along with a three-day roadshow that includes a high-speed internet gaming tournament and application booths for the new service. Their vision is to provide fast internet for 100 per cent of Bruneian households by 2035. It’s currently priced at; TelBru’s 5Mbps plan – $105 a month and 30Mbps plan – $465. Do contact TelBru for more information.