Terrace Hotel (Breakfast & pool)

I’ve recently met Mrs Ang, a lovely sporty lady in her 80’s, also the owner of the Terrace Hotel while golfing. She’s so bubbly at her age, almost making me feel ‘old’ when i was with her. How i wish i could still be golfing when i’m in my 80s.

We chatted a little and she mentioned we could use the swimming pool at her hotel even if we’re not a staying guest, with one condition, and that is to enjoy our breakfast at her poolside cafe. So we decide to check the place out. The exterior of the hotel doesn’t make an impression when i first got there. But to my surprise, the interior of the cafe was nice and cosy with two well-maintained pool tables. Some parts of the cafe are built with glass ceilings, allowing natural light to fill the room giving a nice warm touch to the ambiance. You can either choose to sit by the pool or in the cafe overlooking the pool if it gets to sunny. The gym is located conveniently right next to the pool.

They are famous for their traditional Nonya kueh, which can sometimes be a little hard to find here in Brunei. Here’s what we’ve ordered (in the photo above),  kueh Lapis (layered with colours), ondeh ondeh (green with coconut) and kueh koswee (Brown with coconut toppings). Other popular dishes includes their fresh popiah and their Nonya style laksa. We tasted the laksa, it was strong flavored  but a little sour for me. As for the fresh popiah, it’s a pity they run out of it that morning.

Plus point of this place is the service staff. She was really nice, and offered to warm up our coffee several mins after it was being served worrying it might turned cold. Very thoughtful.

Overall, it’s a nice place for a refreshing morning swim and breakfast especially if you’re a big fan of kuehs.

I’ve yet had the chance or reason to stay over at Terrace Hotel. But the location of the hotel is ideal, a mere 10 mins walk to the waterfront, water market, Yayasan Shopping Complex, Royal Regalia Museum and Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque.

Terrace Hotel is located at;

Jalan Tasek Lama
GPO Box 49
Bandar Seri Begawan BS8670
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel : +673 2243554
Email: terrahtl@brunet.bn
Website: www.terracebrunei.com

See Terrace Hotel location on Google map.