Thiam Hock Restaurant at Gadong

This is one of the first few Chinese restaurant i’ve been to, but little did i know that it has such long standing history in Brunei. It’s probably the most well-known Chinese restaurant for their famous Curry Fish Head. I’ve heard about this restaurant expanded twice its size to what it is today since few years ago. It now has a 2nd floor, perfect for hosting a nice dinner.


Thiam Hock Level 1

Thiam Hock Level 1

Level 1 – a nice nostalgic Chinese touch to the interior. On the walls beside the cashier frames a photo collage of many celebrities from Hong Kong and Taiwan who had dined in this restaurant before.

Thiam Hock Level 2

Thiam Hock Level 2

Level 2 – a modern Chinese interior with a slight contemporary twist. Perfect for hosting a great dinner with guest or family. A little bird told me that the price is usually higher on the upper floor ;p So if you’re not planning for an extravagant dinner but yet crave for a good Curry Fish Head feast, be seated at the at the ground floor and enjoy the nostalgic ambiance.

The famous Curry Fish Head

The famous Curry Fish Head

Here’s the famous Curry Fish Head. You don’t get to see the form of the fish head here because the waitress suggested us to switch the type of fish to something better but smaller in portion to cater for just the three of us. But rest assure that the taste has not been compromised, still as good as my first visit there.

Roasted Pork

Juicy Roasted Pork

This juicy roasted pork is crispy on the outside, yet juicy on the inside. Just yummy without being too salty.

Stir fried potato leaves - Thiam Hock

Stir Fried Potato Leaves

A basic stir fried potato leaves with garlic. No matter how many dishes we’ve ordered, i’ll still prefer to have a plate of vegetables if possible.

Salted fish fried rice

Salted Fish Fried Rice

Somehow fried rice in a Chinese restaurant has never failed me ‘yet’. It’s one of the most staple dish and i’ve yet to come across any disappointing one from a Chinese restaurant in Brunei ‘yet’. Fingers crossed.

The above four dishes, smallest portion available cost B$70 odd. A tad overpriced, but it’s fish we are talking about here. It’s usually charged base on market rate ($/kg). But overall, it’s a very satisfying meal.

Thiam Hock Restaurant is located behind The Mall. Parking is available front and back of the restaurant. But be early to beat the dinner crowd if you don’t like waiting for a carpark lot.

View Thiam Hock Restaurant location on Google map.

Thiam Hock Restaurant
No.5, Yong Siong Bldg,
Lot 9452,
Kg Menglait,
Bandar Seri Begawan
Tel: (673) 244-1679