Nail Artz Salon

Nail Artz has been around for many years. It’s located above KFC at Kiulup, opposite Hua Ho. It’s one stop shop for an all rounder services, which includes nail treatments (manicure, pedicure, nails extension and nail art), full body massage services, foot reflexology, waxing, threading and eyelash extension. F.P.U.O., Essie, Pinnacle, Gena & Estelina are the few brands they carry for nail treatments.

Someone recommended them with good reviews for their eyelash extension skills. So i brought a friend who needed some rescue for her falling extension. Booked for the beautician, Rose, for eyelash removal. However, when we got there, due to the different type of glue used, it took way longer then usual to be removed and she lost quite a number of her natural lash. No ones fault, it was due to the nature of the glue which she used from another salon. Looking a little bear after losing quite a number of lashes, she decided to do another extension. The way they do the extension in this shop is to stick the extension to the base of the lashes with black glue. It was a fast job, all done in just 15-20 mins. However, half way through the extension, another client of the beautician arrived. I could tell she speed things up a little, as the black glue can be seen on my friend’s eyelid instead (which shouldn’t be, it should end right at the base of the eyelash).

To be fair, we didn’t book for both removal and extension, thus the next client after us arrived before we were done. So do make your appointment earlier to ensure beauticians get ample time to do a good job. Despite the little stains of the black glue on the eyelids, it’s considered a pretty good job done. It looks really natural. If you keep the extension away from direct splashing water from shower heads and makeup removal, it should last between two weeks to a month.

Nail Artz Salon

Nail Artz Salon

Interior of Nail Artz Salons

Interior of Nail Artz Salons

Nail Art samples and color - Nail Artz Salons

Nail Art samples and colors

Eyelash extension - Nail Artz Salon

Eyelash extension

Waxing and threading service - Nail Artz Salon

Waxing and threading services


Here’s the contact details to Nail Artz Salon.

1st Floor, Unit 7, Tian & Chuan Bldg. (Opposite Hua Ho, above KFC), Kg. Kiulap
TEL: 223 2233

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