Cottage Grills

Just last night my husband had cravings for steak, so we decided to try out Cottage Grill. We had very late lunch, thus we reached Cottage Grill for dinner at only about 9 PM. Cottage Grill is located on the first floor at Warisan Mata-Mata Kompleks. Not somewhere that noticeable if you haven’t heard about the place. We took the flight of stairs up and the main entrance was all done up. In fact, the owner, a very warm lady who look like she’s in her 60s’ told us the place was renovated just weeks ago, they had the restrooms shifted out from the main dining area to the back of the shop. And they might be taking another few days off from the fasting month for another minor do-up.

Cottage Grill

Cottage Grill Entrance

Cottage Grill

Warm and cozy interior – Cottage Grill

The place was furnished with rose wood furniture, very classic cottage-feel. About half the tables were taken when we first arrived. Noticed the place was a little quiet as compared to other restaurants, which is very nice in my opinion, an undisturbed meal.

So here’s what we’ve ordered.

Toasted garlic bread - Cottage Grill

Toasted garlic bread

This is one of the tastiest toasted garlic bread i’ve ever had. Two pieces each and i wished i could have more.

Mushroom Soup - Cottage Grill

Mushroom Soup

I like it that the mushroom is in big enough chunks that is chewable. Soup is priced at B$3.50. How reasonable is that 🙂

Black Pepper Sirloin steak - Cottage Grill

Black Pepper Sirloin Steak

Here’s the Sirloin Steak. You can have it in your choice of either black pepper, mushroom or CG Savoury Sauce. Sauce is served separately. So if you’re ordering more than one steak, you might want to share to try out a different sauce. Every main dish comes with two sides. You can have a choice of french fries, mashed potato, potato jacket or corn and the second dish being garden salad, tropical salad or vegetables. Priced at B$22.

Ribeye steak - Cottage Grill

Ribeye steak with mushroom sauce – Cottage Grill

Here’s my succulent Ribeye Steak with mushroom sauce, medium-well done. It was done just the way i like it, all juicy and tender. The ribeye is far nicer than the sirloin in my opinion. But that’s only because i prefer lean cut steak. Priced at B$22.

Sauce for the main course

Sauce for the main course

Here are the sauce for the mains. Black pepper and mushroom.

Grilled marbling beef - Cottage Grill

Grilled marbling beef – courtesy of Cottage Grill

The grilled marbling beef will be next up for me. Will definitely try this on my next visit!

Cottage Grill

Stairs to Cottage Grill

Cottage Grill has been around at Warisan Mata-Mata for 4 years now. Apart from the tender juicy grills, they do catering for home-styled pastries, shepherd’s pie, agar agar & malay kueh muih too. These are only available through pre-orders.

They are located at Unit C3, First Floor.
Warisan Mata-Mata Kompleks, SPG 322, GADONG.BSB., BE1718 Muara, Brunei
Tel: 242 6230

Their new opening hours:
Mon – Thurs, Sat & Sun 11 AM – 10 PM
Friday 2 PM – 10 PM

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